books, paper, mixed media


Lore Spivey is an award winning book and paper artist. Her interest in art began at a young age drawing plants and animals from her grandmother’s garden. Lore lived in Japan for a while, and the ornate, serene gardens of that country in contrast to vast tent cities of homeless also had an influence on her work.  Nature continues to be a major theme for her, along with current events. 

Lore’s work compares and contrasts beauty in the world, counterpoint to violence and divisiveness. The line which separates virtuous from nefarious is highlighted, like how absolute beauty results from disaster. or the pursuit of beauty leading to utter destruction.  For example, lush regrowth after a devastating forest fire, Her work is a combination of abstract and natural, skirting the fringe of dadaism. She captures the viewer’s imagination and leads them to discover personal similarities.  Her work displays an intimate feeling of universality, purposefully giving the viewer hope in knowing they are not alone in life’s journey. Paper and book arts help Lore express this disparity. To her turning a page is like viewing another side of the dice,  multifaceted, giving more room to explore the complexities of an issue.

Lore  holds degrees in theatre education from both Universities of North Carolina at Asheville and Greensboro.  She taught theatre in NC Public Schools for 17 years. She employs scenic design elements extensively in her three-dimensional books. Lore established Art With Pop in 2015, when she took a class in pop-up techniques at Pyramid Atlantic in Hyattsville, Maryland taught by Carol Barton. Soon after, she created 13, her first major artist book which won Best In Show at the Focus on Book Arts Conference that year. She is a member of the Moveable Book Society where she met Helen Hiebert who featured Lore’s “cubicards” in her 2020 Paper Year Calendar for the month of January. Lore also attended Penland School of Craft where she learned various techniques from Julie Chen of Flying Fish Press. Lore is a member of The Southern Arts Society and, The Moveable Book Society.

Lore resides in North Carolina, USA where she lives with her husband, daughter, and two very spoiled pugs.